Bath Tub Shower Seat Chair

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1. Made of high quality aluminum alloy material, eco-friendly PE backrest and seat, waterproof, anti-corrosion and not easy to rust
2. It has handrails on both sides of the board, easy to move
3. Ergonomic seat board and backrest, comfortable to seat and lie on it
4. If no backrest is needed, the backrest can be dissassembled
5. Can be used as a bath stool or a normal home chair, suitable for use in a variety of places, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, hospitals, etc

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Elderly Bathtub Bath Tub Shower Seat Chair Bench Stool with Back Support

1. Bracket Material: Aluminum Alloy
2. Seat Board and Back Material: PE Blow Molding Board
3. Foot Mat: 4 Rubber Foot Mat
4. Adjustable Gear: 8 Gear ;Each hole:2.5cm
5. Non-slip Seat Plate Thickness: 1.18″ / 3cm
6. Width: 16.33″ / 41.5cm  Length: 13.97″ /35.5cm
8. Seat Height: (12.99-20.07)” / (33-51)cm
9. Seat Width: 12.20″ / 31cm ;Seat Length: 20.08″ /51cm
10. Overall Height: (26.77-33.858)” / (68-86)cm
11. Backrest Length: 15.35″ / 39cm;Backrest Width 6.69″ / 17cm
12. Load-bearing: 300lbs / 136kg
13. Product Weight: 7.04lbs /3.2 kg

Package Includes:
1 x Bath Chair
1 x Manual


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