Max Power Relief® TENS Unit


Model: PM500

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Offering two times more power with the OMRON Max Power Relief (PM500), one of our most versatile TENS units is still easy to personalize and customize. When you have those hard to reach, deep pains that just keep coming back, choose Max Power Relief (PM500). It is perfect for those who may experience pain in the lower back or recurring knee and shoulder pain. This highly customizable TENS unit has modes to reach most of your pains. Take it to work, use it at home or while traveling. The OMRON Max Power Relief TENS Unit is extremely portable, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand or inside your pocket for discreet use. This device has six body pain modes (shoulder, lower back, arm, foot, leg, joint), and three massage-like modes (rub, tap, knead), each with 15 adjustable levels of power intensity to help relieve your pain. The comfortable, self-adhesive Long Life Pads (1 pair) are reusable up to 150 times and a plastic holder for storage is also included. The OMRON Max Power Relief is one of our strongest, most adaptable TENS units for all of your pain management needs.

NOTE: To avoid damage to the device, use only with the leads, electrodes, and accessories recommended by OMRON.

The OMRON Max Power Relief TENS device has been updated to a new SKU (old – PM3032, new – PM500). The user reviews below are for both the PM3032 and PM500, as the product features are the same.

Dimensions (approx.)

Length: 1″, Width: 2″, Height: 4.4″
Weight: 3.5oz.
In Box

Includes: TENS Unit, 2 Standard Long Life Pads, Pad Holder, Electrode Cords, 2 AAA Batteries, Instruction Manual, Quick Start Guide/Pad Placement guide


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